Bespoke Grey Blending Specialist

Bespoke Grey Blending

Embracing your natural grey is a big decision to make when you have been colouring your hair for many years. Talk to one of our specialists today to discuss a plan of action of how you may embrace your natural grey and white hair.

Making the Decision
Many of you may have lots of colour in your hair with inches of regrowth and now it is time to make a decision!

Once you have decided that it is time for you to step into a new world of natural beauty, it is time to book a consultation with your grey blending specialist. Let's explain what she will do;

She will assess your hair and consult you on the history of your hair. Some of the questions she will ask;

  • How long are you colouring your hair
  • Have you always had your hair professionally coloured
  • If home colouring, when was the last one applied and what did you use?
  • How long have you been thinking about this new journey you are about to embrace
  • What is your long term goal

Now it is time to make a full plan of action

Did you know?
There are many services that are specific to your needs, which you can avail of in the salon setting. Maintaining your new grey hair is what keeps the journey special.

Available Services

Grey blending highlights
Grey blending highlights is a service where you grey hair can become a feature. With less regrowth you can showcase your grey hair in the blonde spectrum creating some of the most beautiful cool blondes in the world.

No Strings Attached Colour
Toning out those warm hues while saying goodbye to your old colour this service is super for tone, condition and shine.

New Trend
We have something coming very soon watch this space.

The placement of your grey is important
There are many techniques that are used to help with with this transition.


Pricing is very specific for each service. Your specialist will advise you on the pricing for your bespoke look.