Sarah Lights the Mansion House With Neon Blitz Hair Show

Sarah Lights the Mansion House With Neon Blitz Hair Show

National & International Hairdresser Sarah Mason was invited to showcase her creative work at one of the most prestigious events in the hairdressing calendar. The Best of the Best Photographic Awards was held in The Mansion House Dublin last Sunday night.

The hairdressing star put her name in lights with her NEON BLITZ SHOW. She created 6 very elaborate and innovative hair models. All the models had different shades of neon colours in their hair some were cut and styled and some had couture & Dramatic up styling. “It was a privilege and a long awaited dream to be invited by Maeve o Healy Harte to create my own show for the Best of the Best. It is essential to create the perfect model from head to toe.

“I would like to thank Born Clothing Galway and House of Portobello Galway for their amazing clothes The very talented makeup artist Amy Fadden whom is also Galway based. Behind the scenes I had my wonderful team supporting me along with the Irish Star Team .It is the first time sarah has hit the stage with her own name over the door as she recently opened a new salon a few weeks ago in the heart of Galway City.

“This is only the beginning of a new Sarah Mason Chapter as It was the most unbelievable feeling to see my models up there with my name and show reel of my passionate career in lights.”

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