Nioxin Sandalore Anti-Hair Loss Serum

Product Alert Nioxin Hair Loss Serum Sandalore

Nioxin Sandalore is ground breaking when it comes to tackling one of the most complex issues we are seeing in todays world of hair . Many of you may be seeing an increase of hair shedding or suffering with hair-loss . The brand new product is clinically proven to improve your hair in just 8 weeks while also creating better hair anchorage into the follicles of your scalp . It is also proven to  thicken your hair .

Sandalore Hair Loss serum contains Caffeine , Lauric Acid , Niacinamide and Sandalore 

While so many people suffer with hair loss Nioxin is the number one global leading brand that delivers an incredible range of products that can address a lot of concerning issues . Nioxin is a product that concentrates directly with the scalp creating a a healthier environment for your hair to grow thicker and fuller . They have many products that are aimed to help specific issues that many find very unsetting such as hairless and hair shedding, scalp issues such as psoriasis and dandruff . 

At Sarah Mason Professional we advise that you have a consultation so we can discover your needs to provide the best haircare regime for you for the best possible results we treat this very delicately and each case is taken with such care .


for more information you can book a virtual consultation to discuss your hair concerns in confidence 

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