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Its COOL to be COOL !!

Embracing your natural grey has become one of the worlds most incredible trends and it is here to stay . We are seeing such an influx of natural beauty while celebrities hit the carpet after a huge transition from coloured hair to their very own grey hair . While flicking through the pages of Global Fashion Magazines we are seeing more and more grey hair advertised as an asset of beauty . Grey blending techniques ,soft flowing tresses in its natural texture to preened sharp modern cut hair with attitude it’s all there its your new mindset that will evolve for years . 

The Psychology 

Having grey hair and wanting grey hair are two different feelings Embracing your natural grey hair is not for everyone however it’s a mindset of how you feel in your own mind . This is about you and only you it’s you that is going to wear it every day . I can honestly say for many it brings a lot of inner beauty to the surface while embracing a whole new world to give you confidence . As hairdressers one of our most important qualities is to listen to your needs we listen to how you feel about yourself before we advise on the journey you are about to take .
The Plan of Action 
Speak with a Grey Blending Specialist for the perfect assessment to begin your journey . We look at how the grey is placed in your hairline and through your head so we can plan for you .We look at your eye colour , your complexion and the bone structure of your face .lets  talk about your lifestyle  its all about going grey gracefully .The key is about making it a process for you an enjoyable one while working with you to achieve your desired look to suit you , your wardrobe and your lifestyle .Be prepared you may need many appointments which will be booked for you as a part of your plan 
True Grey 
The magic has happened and now it’s about maintaining your beautiful new hair . Wella Professionals have developed some magic for all of you . A brand new product to the market !!True grey offers a beautiful palate of tones that will enhance your tone while creating clarity to refrain from those unwanted yellowy smoky tones . The innovative brand allows me as an artist to become playful with in the grey phase with no long term commitment . Grey hair can be quite unruly while using true grey you will see enhanced shine and control it is certainly what I call a Hero Product !! 
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