Nioxin Sandalore Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss

Are you experiencing hair loss ?  You are not alone in this . Hair loss in men , women can be the most daunting feeling and has become quiet prominent in recent years  . There are many factors in why your hair may be thinning .Some of these factors are from stress and trauma ,diet and nutrition ,certain health issues or maybe it is just genetic. While many fear to speak about it ,your hairdresser can be your first point of contact to guide you in the right direction .Sometimes you just need a little help and sometimes you need to seek more professional advice from a specific doctor who specialises in this area and trichologists

Did you know Nixion's leave-on hair treatment thickens the hair from the 1st use and reduces hair loss in 8 weeks thanks to improved hair anchorage. This solution for hair loss and helps to dramatically improve the appearance of your hair.

This hair loss serum contains caffeine, lauric acid, niacinamide and Sandalore, a clinically proven formula that thickens hair, increases hair anchorage, and reduces hair fall.


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