HotTools Volumizer Set

Are you missing your salon Blow-dry ? Not with a HotTools Volumizer Brush Set

As a professional hair stylist we too have days where we struggle with our own hair. I like to freshly groom my hair almost every day. When HotTools launched their Volumizing Brush life became easier for my styling days. If you are like me with really coarse, unruly long hair that doesn't behave very well it is super to style your hair with one tool . while styling it helps with frizz control creating a smoother finish . If you have hair that is medium to fine it certainly will give you the volume to give the impression of more hair .


The clever brand created the Volume Brush Set with two different heads one smaller than the other for you to achieve your hair goals. While it targets so many markets of different hair types it has made my days at home more fun when I look in the mirror and see nice hair after using my volumizing brush. It is every woman dream to have beautiful hair! Check out the HotTools range now 



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