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Nioxin Three Part System No.6

Nioxin Three Part System No.6

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System 6 delivers smoother denser-looking hair.

Nioxin System 6 Hair Conditioning Kit brings you a perfect hair moisturizing therapy tailor-made for chemically treated hair. If your chemically treated hair has been thinning due to color treatments, heat styling and over processing, this hair care kit is a perfect pick for you. The Nioxin Trial Kit allows your hair to retain the lost moisture balance, keep every strand hydrated making your hair look suppler. The innovative fortifying technologies used in the hair care products have made this hair grooming kit stand tall amongst others in the same niche.

Deep Cleansing with Hair Cleanser (300ml)
Nioxin System 6 Hair Cleanser works to deeply cleanse and prepare the scalp and hair for the consecutive stages, using Glyco-Shield 2.0 Technology to sweep away dirt, impurities and excess oil for a cleansed and refreshed feeling. This hair cleansing shampoo is fortified to restore the natural moisture balance of your hair by giving your scalp a deep hydration therapy. Nioxin shampoo strengthens your hair inside and out, for a fuller, healthier appearance and silky-smoothness.

Rejuvenating Conditioning with Scalp Revitalizer (300 ml)
System 6 Scalp Revitalizer Conditioner helps you to achieve a noticeable boost in the density for your chemically treated hair, undergoing rapid thinning. The volumizing conditioner features a thickening formula that unleashes the volumizing powers of Smooth Plex and Transactive Delivery System. These technologies work in tandem to improve thickness, provide intense moisture, amplify hair structure and deliver smoothing control for minimal breakage.

Styling Has Never Been Easier with Nioxin Scalp Treatment (100ml)
The final step is recovering the hair damage with System 6 Hair Therapy involves the use of Nioxin System 6 Hair Spray that prevents the excess hair loss due to breakages while refreshing and hydrating the scalp. This hair spray also acts as a protectant to shield your hair from the harmful UV rays and other pollutants. Ideal for finishing and touch-up sessions, this hair elixir keeps hair hydrated, moisturized and perfectly done. The styling spray makes sure your hairdo stays intact all day with a long-lasting shine and texture.

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